We help you find a story only you can tell.

 What makes a standout college essay?

  • Voice: the essay sounds like you and no one else

  • Clarity: the writing is clear, concise, and cohesive

  • Meaning: the essay has emotional depth and insight

  • Uniqueness: only you could have written the essay

At Write U, we provide a quiet, focused environment for you to write your essay under the guidance of our professional writing instructors, who have a combined 20+ years’ experience helping hundreds of students write exceptional essays.

For more information, email or call 908.675.0467.

Every Monday & Thursday
July 31 – August 24
5:30-7:30 p.m. ($80 per session)

Only 8 spots per session.

You can register for one or more sessions. Typically, students finish a final draft after three sessions. We provide chromebooks.


Imagination Blast Off (ages 7-10) Aug 21 — Aug 25, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Register here.

Songwriting Studio (ages 9-13) Aug 21 — Aug 25, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Register here.

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Writing transforms lives, not only through the experience of writing itself, but also through the power of sharing our words and stories with others.

Project Write Now is a nonprofit organization offering a range of writing workshops to children, teens, and adults in our studio, located in Red Bank, N.J. In our courses, we focus on the craft of writing, exploring such narrative techniques as characterization, voice, dialogue, and structure, while also providing a safe, supportive environment to experiment and take risks.

Support our Literacy Outreach Program & After-School Writing Studio. In addition to partnering with schools and mission-based organizations to offer writing workshops and services, we also created an exciting, dynamic after-school writing studio for local students.

For more information on any of our programs, call 908.675.0467 or email


Our Mission

Project Write Now is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization transforming individuals, organizations, and communities through writing. By taking a class, you help support our community programs.


  • Dear College Essay Writer

    Dear College Essay Writer,

    You are about to go through a huge transformation. All that stress you’re feeling about writing the most important essay of your life? It’s going to be gone. One day, a few weeks from now, you will walk away from our studio light on your toes, confident you have just written the best essay you possibly could have written.

    Here’s how it works. You come to the studio with no idea what to write about or you’ve already written a draft that answers an essay question. Or you’re somewhere in-between. A writing instructor will have a conversation with you about what the essay is supposed to show the reader. (It’s an opportunity to showcase your voice, how you think, what you care about, and/or your desired purpose in life.) The topic can be anything—butterflies, fantasy football, making homemade pasta on Sundays, singing stress away—because you will show who you are through the writing.

    The writing instructor will find out about you, where you live and go to school, activities you’re involved in, what you do to relax, and what keeps you up at night. There is always a moment where, through discussion, the essay “appears.” You will suddenly know what the story is, because the essay is really a story that you can tell that no one else in this world can.

    Then, we provide exactly what you need—that all of us need—to write: time and space. In our studio, you will be among people who are also focused and writing. Our writing instructors will be available if you get stuck, have a question, need to be redirected, or need to be pushed to find just the right word or phrase. Then you will discover, if you haven’t already, that writing a strong essay is a process. Trust the process. As you revise, you need time between drafts to think. And you need deadlines.
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Community Programs


We help young people develop the writing and communication skills they need to achieve academic success and personal growth. We offer the following services* to local schools and mission-based organizations:

• creative writing workshops led by professional writers
• college essay writing workshops & mentorship
• narrative therapy
• professional development workshops

We have also developed an after-school writing program at our studio in Red Bank.

Come join us in our efforts to nurture young voices, develop their writing skills, and build confidence that touches all areas of their lives.

*Qualifying schools may receive these services for free.

Upcoming Workshops & Events


    Aug 2017
    - 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. -

    with Colleen Doogan
    Summer Camp: Aug 21 – Aug 25
    9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

    We make writing fun! During this camp, we tap into your imagination, showing you how to turn your ideas from “think to ink.” We show you the importance of having a writer’s notebook to gather your thoughts and let your ideas flow from your pen. Each class provides creative ways to get started―reading a passage from a book, listening to your favorite song, examining a photo. Through creative prompts, role playing, games, and more, we help you create and explore stories filled with intriguing characters―even yourself―and adventures for them to go on.



    Aug 2017
    - 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. -

    SONGWRITING STUDIO (ages 9-13)
    with Mimi Cross
    Summer Camp: Aug 21 – Aug 25
    1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

    Are you a music lover who wants to experiment with writing songs? Participants in this camp are encouraged and supported to storytell to music. We listen to our favorite songs―analyzing lyrical structure, theme, and literary devices―while also learning about melody, chord progression, and mood. Participants work individually and as part of a group to create their own original music. Songs will be written; fun will be had! Prior experience singing and songwriting is not necessary and imagination is encouraged.


  • Voices & Verse (teens)

    Sep 2017
    - 6 p.m. -

    Voices & Verse (TEENS)
    Wednesday, September 6, 6pm

    Taking the step from private writing to public reading of one’s work is an importance aspect of developing a writer’s voice. Upstairs at the Count Basie Theater, we are holding a PWN writers reading and open mic. Join us as writers share their stories and take the opportunity to share yours.