A Q&A with our Teen Intern


Strengthen your leadership and communication skills with an inspiring summer teen internship. We offer two tracks: Teaching Assistant & The Interview Project. After the three-day training, you create your own schedule. We also offer community service hours! And it’s FUN!

We sat down with Sophia W. G., 16, to ask about her experience as a Teaching Assistant last summer and why she would recommend that teens sign up.

PWN: Why did you pick the Teaching Assistant internship?

SOPHIA: I picked the Teaching Assistant Internship because I’ve had a few admirable writing instructors who truly inspired me and helped me evolve as a writer. I would not be the same without their encouragement. My hope in teaching was to inspire children to be passionate writers and overall kind people the way my teachers inspired me.

PWN: What was your favorite moment within the internship?

SOPHIA: There were so many magical moments in this internship. I assisted in the Girls Write Now and Ink It Up camps. Girls Write Now was the most empowering writing group I have ever been a part of. All of the girls in the group were so supportive and strong; simply being in their presence morphed me into a more emotional writer and confident woman. Ink It Up was a rather unique group of writers. In this camp we combined art and writing into a masterpiece of words and paintings. These writers had such an abstract way of thinking; their words inspired me to go outside of my comfort zone when it came to finding my poetic voice. Hearing people pour out their hearts on paper is what moved me the most.

PWN: Did anything surprise you?

SOPHIA: What surprised me the most was how open and vulnerable everyone was. By the end of the internship, everyone seemed to have a special bond. Our words brought us together. The days we spent spilling our hearts and souls into our writing transformed me. It was just simply hearing others’ stories and finding connection in them that altered my perspective on life. The power of words brings people together. I think the experience of being surrounded by an abundance of fellow writers with my same passion gave me a feeling of belonging like no other.

PWN: Would you recommend this internship? Why?

SOPHIA: I absolutely recommend this internship because it is a fabulous way to learn how to encourage others to fall in love with writing, discover more about your craft, and meet people who share the same passion. This internship is perfect for people who want to create magic out of their words and be in the presence of magic from other people’s words.

Sophia W. G. is a Project Write Now teen intern and current teen leader of Teen Writing Group.