Our Story

Project Write Now started as an outreach effort of JC Writing Studio, founded by educator and writer Jennifer Chauhan. While teaching writing workshops in her Fair Haven studio, Jennifer began partnering with schools and mission-based organizations to offer creative writing workshops to kids and to help high school seniors with their college essays.

The response was inspiring, as both kids and teachers began asking for more creative writing experiences. Jennifer realized there was more that students were getting out of the writing workshops than just learning how to improve their writing. Writing together gave them opportunities to tap into their creativity, to explore where their ideas could take them, to feel connected to each other by sharing what was on their minds and in their hearts. It gave them confidence to express their thoughts and beliefs.

Through Jennifer’s work as an educator, writer, and mentor, she connected with Greg Phelan, Samantha Strauss, and Allison Tevald, who all share a similar passion for writing and teaching.

Together, they’re building a vibrant writing community in Red Bank that brings writers of all ages and experiences together to support, motivate, and inspire one another. And that gives back by partnering with schools and mission-based organizations to provide free writing workshop experiences to students not only to develop their writing skills but also to build their confidence as writers.

Project Write Now is located at 25 Bridge Ave., Suite 130, Red Bank, NJ 07701.