Coaching, Consultation, and Editing

PWN Writing Services: Coaching, Consultation & Editing

1. Coaching: For those who have a story to tell—who seek ongoing support, encouragement, accountability, and feedback—to help them organize, make progress, and complete writing projects.
2. Consultation & Editing: For writers who have a work-in-progress who are seeking support, feedback, and guidance including developmental editing for initial drafts and line editing to prepare a manuscript for submission for publication.

Initial Consultation
A brief phone conversation (15-20 minutes) to determine what services are best for you.

1. Hourly Single Sessions: Each coaching session includes a one-hour in-person meeting or phone call, up to 20 minute preliminary manuscript review, and up to three brief emails per session. Fee: $125/session

Consultation & Editing
1. Evaluation: Writer submits a one-page description of the project with working manuscript. We review the working manuscript and make sample edits on 5-10 pages. We provide a 30-minute consultation going over our review, including 5-10 page sample edits as well as a recommendations for the entire project, including a proposal. Fee: $125

Please contact us to set up an appointment:
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