Dear College Essay Writer


Dear College Essay Writer,

You are about to go through a huge transformation. All that stress you’re feeling about writing the most important essay of your life? It’s going to be gone. One day, a few weeks from now, you will walk away from our studio light on your toes, confident you have just written the best essay you possibly could have written.

Here’s how it works. You come to the studio with no idea what to write about or you’ve already written a draft that answers an essay question. Or you’re somewhere in-between. A writing instructor will have a conversation with you about what the essay is supposed to show the reader. (It’s an opportunity to showcase your voice, how you think, what you care about, and/or your desired purpose in life.) The topic can be anything—butterflies, fantasy football, making homemade pasta on Sundays, singing stress away—because you will show who you are through the writing.

The writing instructor will find out about you, where you live and go to school, activities you’re involved in, what you do to relax, and what keeps you up at night. There is always a moment where, through discussion, the essay “appears.” You will suddenly know what the story is, because the essay is really a story that you can tell that no one else in this world can.

Then, we provide exactly what you need—that all of us need—to write: time and space. In our studio, you will be among people who are also focused and writing. Our writing instructors will be available if you get stuck, have a question, need to be redirected, or need to be pushed to find just the right word or phrase. Then you will discover, if you haven’t already, that writing a strong essay is a process. Trust the process. As you revise, you need time between drafts to think. And you need deadlines.

We will advise you to think about your essay during a lull in your day—stuck at the train station, driving in your car, taking a shower. The best breakthroughs come to mind while idle. Write them down! Over the course of a few weeks, your essay will transform into a solid work of art you will be proud of.

Coaching the college essay is one of my favorite tasks at PWN, in part because it is deeply rewarding. The nervous student so unsure about what her essay should be, could be, leaves completely satisfied, knowing she’s put every ounce of effort into the work, and is proud of the result.

We’ve been coaching lots and lots of essays for years. Let us show you the way.

Allison Tevald

Allison Tevald is the Program Director and a writing instructor at Project Write Now.