Book Club Meeting (adults)

Mar 2019

The Writers Institute is very excited to announce the formation of our Book Club. “Why the excitement?” you may ask. “Book clubs are a dime a dozen.” That’s true, my reading friend. However, the Writers Institute’s book club is unique because after we read and gather informally to discuss the book, we then get a chance to meet the authors and ask them questions directly about their books and writing processes.

And to add to the excitement, to kick off our Book Club, we are starting with not one but TWO books: Marlena, by Julie Buntin, and Stephen Florida, by Gabe Habash. Read one or both and join us to discuss. Why did we pick these two books? Because they’re outstanding—and the authors are married! Check out The Millions article: “Two Writers, One Marriage: The Millions Interviews Julie Buntin and Gabe Habash.”

What: Book Club Meeting
When: Wednesday, March 27 (7 p.m. for Marlena discussion, followed by Stephen Florida discussion at 8 p.m.)
Where: Project Write Now Studio
Cost: Free


Then join us on Saturday, April 6, for our next event in our Visiting Writer Series, PWN’s First Annual Pop-up Lit Fest, with guess who? Our book club book authors, Julie Buntin and Gabe Habash!