Ink It Up! (ages 11-14)

Jul 2019

Ink It Up! (ages 11-14)
July 15 – 19
1 to 4 p.m.
with Lisa Hartsgrove

Are you ready to see where your imagination can take you? In this camp, we stencil, color, and freewrite to fun prompts—exploring the ideas that tug at us, the concepts that intrigue us, and the thoughts that stir us. Your journal becomes a vehicle for all of these thoughts, emotions, and big ideas. Then we show you how to take what’s in your journal and turn it into a story, poem, and even art photography, staging pages in creative ways to post on our Instagram account. We also collaborate, combining our best work in a sketchbook that we send off to live forever in the Brooklyn Art Library as part of its “Sketchbook Project.” We write and share to make change, and we build confidence in ourselves while doing so.