Poetry Undercover (ages 11-14)

Jul 2018

Poetry Undercover (ages 11-14)
July 30 – August 3
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
with Lisa Hartsgrove

Where does a poem come from? And what can a poem do? This camp is about finding the poetry in everything―from music to news articles to shopping lists. We explore the almost unlimited world of words by using what’s all around us and looking at lyrics, stanzas, and more that speak to us. Inspired, we then write poems that crush with sadness, lift into joy, soar with possibility, or land with a single sentiment. Stretch your creativity and find the forms and style that suit your voice. It’s all about what you have to say, and how you’re going to craft it. Isn’t it time to walk through life with poetry-colored glasses?

*Please register by or before July 20 to hold your spot in the camp.