Short Shorts (ages 11-14)

Aug 2018

Short Shorts (ages 11-14)
August 6 – August 10
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
with Lisa Hartsgrove

This camp is designed for all writers―from the timid to the enthusiastic. Looking at samples of short fiction, we find out what each of us appreciates (or not) and why, and we create our own stories through prompts, exercises, and brainstorming. We use a variety of writing styles and techniques, including “twitter fiction” (140 characters or less) and “one sentence a day” projects that we can continue long after camp ends. We allow time to revise, turning the sentences over until they read just right, and offer opportunities to go public, submitting to Bridge Ink and other literary journals, while also sharing our work on our Instagram account. This is a supportive environment that encourages creativity and helps boost storytelling confidence.

*Please register by or before July 27 to hold your spot in the camp.