Aug 2017

SPORTS WRITING (ages 10-13)
with Jason Kady
Summer Camp: Aug 14 – Aug 18
9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Gliding through the air like a bird of prey, Russel Westbrook attacked the rim with a thunderous ferocity… We appreciate sports most when we can participate or watch our favorite teams do battle. Most of us experience sporting events with our eyes and ears, but not as much through written word. In this camp, you get to capture moments―the sound of a bat hitting a baseball, the dribble of a basketball, or the crunch of a football helmet―in a variety of writing styles: creative short stories, informative play-by-play or profile pieces, figurative free verse poetry. You share some of your most amazing sporting experiences and creative ideas while developing a greater sense of voice, style, and figurative language skills.