For Adults

For our adult classes, all you have to do is show up. Whether you wish simply to document your stories or publish in your favorite magazine or literary journal, we are here to encourage and guide you. Through creative prompts and mini-lessons focusing on craft, we help you take your ideas to another level.

In all of our courses, we give you:

*Exercises to trigger your imagination.
*Opportunities to experiment with different styles of writing.
*Techniques on the craft of writing: character, voice, description, setting, dialogue, structure, etc.
*Feedback from classmates and the instructor in a safe, supportive environment.
*Exposure to different forms of writing.
*Mentor texts to analyze through the lens of a writer.

Many students find that once they start writing, their creativity takes off and they can’t stop. We guide you through revision and polishing your piece (or excerpt). You may work in any form or a hybrid of forms: memoir, poetry, fiction, short fiction, nonfiction snippets.

Our goal is to inspire and encourage all levels of writers. There are thousands of good reasons to practice writing, one of which is to discover (or rediscover) your voice and that perspective that is unique to you.

Come to our studio and write the stories that only you can tell.