For Teens

Writing is one of the most essential skills students can have for success in school and in a career. No matter their life path, students must be able to compose their ideas and insights in a cohesive, coherent, and compelling manner.

Our approach to teaching writing is to engage students through their own interests, enhancing their skills and building confidence in a safe, supportive environment.

Our classes are designed to reach all students—the student who loves to write and the student who struggles to get his or her ideas down on paper (or who says he/she is a bad writer. We are here to change that belief!).

Project Write Now gives students:

  • A safe, supportive environment to express themselves and explore their creative and intellectual curiosity.
  • Ownership of their writing by letting them choose their own topics and set goals for improvement.
  • Experimentation with different styles of writing. Our classes support the Common Core State Standards while also providing experiences in freewriting, fiction, and poetry.
  • Tools to write the way published authors do–through a process of prewriting, drafting, seeking feedback, revising, editing for grammar & style, and publishing.
  • Real-life audiences. In addition to sharing in class, students are encouraged to participate in our writer’s celebrations, enter writing contests, and submit their work to a variety of publications. They also have the opportunity to publish in our literary magazine, Verve (coming soon).
  • The motivation to read a variety of genres outside of their comfort zone and through the lens of a writer.
  • Strategies on how to communicate effectively through tweeting, texting, posting, and blogging. We discuss the importance of social media literacy.
  • A writing community. We believe in the importance of joining with fellow writers to inspire and support each other.

We are happy to help you find the best class for your teen. Please give us a call at (908) 675-0467.

We also run private writing groups and provide one-on-one tutoring. We will match your teen with the instructor best suited to help him/her achieve his/her writing goals.

To download a Scholarship Seat Application for your student, click here.

Short Shorts (ages 11-14)

with Lisa Hartsgrove
Summer Camp: July 24 – July 28
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

This camp is designed for all writers―from the timid to the experienced. Looking at samples of short fiction, we find out what each of us appreciates (or not) and why, and we create our own stories through prompts, exercises, and brainstorming. We use a variety of writing styles and techniques, including “Twitter fiction” (140 characters or less) and more, and we begin our own “one sentence a day” projects that we can continue to build upon after camp ends. We allow time to revise, turning the sentences over until they read just right, and opportunities to go public, submitting to literary journals and sharing our work on our Instagram account (@ink_this_insta). This is a supportive environment that encourages creativity and helps boost storytelling confidence.


Girls Write Now (ages 12-15)

with Lisa Hartsgrove & Jennifer Shields, M.Ed., LPC
Summer Camp: July 31 – Aug 4
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Sometimes there are conversations that happen more easily in an environment without boys. During this camp, we have meaningful discussions about what it means to be a girl. How do you portray yourself on social media, for instance? What are some of the challenges you face in school? Drama you might have among your peers? In this camp, we explore our differences and write about them, developing and strengthening our unique voices. We use a variety of writing styles and techniques to make sure what we want to say comes across clearly and powerfully. We write to make change and build confidence in ourselves while doing so. Make new friends and join in conversations about the challenges of being a young woman in today’s society.


Slam Poetry (ages 11-14)

with Lisa Hartsgrove
Summer Camp: Aug 7 – Aug 11
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

You have a story to tell, a message to send. Don’t go unheard! In this camp, we are loud and proud with our words. Slam poetry combines poetry and performance, writing and speaking to move audiences to see things from a different perspective. We watch and listen to current performance artists to be inspired, and we write, practice, and collaborate to perform slam poem(s) of our own style and making. On our last day of camp, we pop-up and perform our original pieces for a community audience, and we include opportunities for future open mics to perform our pieces again and again.


Your Voice Matters (ages 11-14)

with Christa Teter
Summer Camp: Aug 14 – Aug 18
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Given today’s challenging climate, your voice–and what you think about controversial topics–needs to be heard now more than ever. This camp is designed to give you the skills and tools to report facts infused with opinions in a powerful way to effect change. We discuss what social activism journalism is, and we analyze a diverse array of contemporary voices. We explore different forms your writing can take–opinion pieces, letters to the editor, social media and blog posts, photojournalism … and we help find the best platform for your voice to be heard, encouraging submission to local magazines and journals.


Songwriting Studio (ages 9-13)

with Mimi Cross
Summer Camp: Aug 21 – Aug 25
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Are you a music lover who wants to experiment with writing songs? Participants in this camp are encouraged and supported to storytell to music. We listen to our favorite songs―analyzing lyrical structure, theme, and literary devices―while also learning about melody, chord progression, and mood. Participants work individually and as part of a group to create their own original music. Songs will be written; fun will be had! Prior experience singing and songwriting is not necessary and imagination is encouraged.


Project Write Now reserves the right to change class or camp instructors if necessary.

SUMMER CAMP REFUND POLICY: 1. A full refund will be given when a camp is cancelled by Project Write Now due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. 2. No refunds or credits will be given for any days missed by the participant. 3. More than 30 days’ notice, you will be issued a full refund, less a $25 processing fee. 4. Less than 30 days’ notice, you will be given a full credit for a future camp, less a $25 processing fee.