Mini Fundraisers


Be a reader for CringeFest II

Oh no, we’re doing it again! Sharing our most embarrassing stories for a good cause. It’s CringeFest II, and once again, all proceeds raised for this fun, raucous event support our after-school teen writing programs.

Last year, we heard from 10 brave souls who shared their awkward first times, lovesick poems, coming-of-age anecdotes, and embarrassing journals. The audience cringed, but mostly laughed along with the speakers. Now we need some fresh participants.

Why share your embarrassing stories?
Why not? we say. Here are some other reasons:

  • Being a teen is hard; you can help. Participating in CringeFest supports our mission to help teens gain confidence and find their voice through writing.
  • Let go of the past. Sharing your past mortifications removes their power over you.
  • Give a laugh. Ask any comedian, there’s no better feeling than getting a genuine laugh.
  • Get credit. Put 2019 CringeFest Speaker on your writer bio.
  • Win a prize! Oh yes, there will be prizes. Cringiest journal entry, most embarrassing secret, etc.

Ready to participate?

CringeFest will be held late February 2019.

Email your application to by DECEMBER 31, 2018. Selected readers will be notified before January 15.

Don’t worry about submitting polished pieces. Our PWN instructors will work with you to shape your piece or identify excerpts from journals.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please write CRINGEFEST APPLICANT in the subject line of your email.
  • Include your name and phone number.
  • Let us know what story you plan to share and in what format (journal, short essay, poem, song, etc.).
  • Attach an excerpt, 1-2 pages long. (Feel free to send photos of diary pages.)

    Come on people! Let’s get cringy!

    Click the button below to view photos from our previous event.

    CRINGEFEST, 2018