Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

“It’s fine to seek some help [with the college essay] if you feel you need it. But look for it from a writing teacher, or a teacher with a strong writing background.” —Robin Mamlet & Christine Vandevelde, College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step

There is an inordinate amount of information out there on writing the college essay. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

At Project Write Now, we keep it simple: we help you find a story in your life that no one else can tell. Then we help you craft your essay using narrative techniques, such as character, voice, description, setting & structure.

We never write the essay or change your words; instead we make suggestions to help bring out the best in your writing. We also help you edit your essay to keep it within the word limit and for grammar & mechanics.

Please note: We do not guarantee admission into any college.