College Essay

College Essay Workshops & Mentorship Program

“It’s fine to seek some help [with the college essay] if you feel you need it. But look for it from a writing teacher, or a teacher with a strong writing background.” –Robin Mamlet & Christine Vandevelde, College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step

When it comes to your college application, the essay is the one place where admissions officers get to hear your voice. Who you are. What you care about. Who you want to be.

But how do you pick a topic and write your essay to make you stand out?

We know how overwhelming and stressful this process can be (for parents too).  We can help.

Mentorship Program

One-hour session: $150/hour

Three-hour package: $405 ($135/hr)

Working one-on-one, we guide you through the college essay writing process. In our first session, we spend time getting to know you so we can help you select a topic that best reflects your personality, experience, and aspirations. We also help you develop a strategic approach by surveying which of your desired schools accept the Common App, which require supplemental essays, and which schools have their own.

We also offer constructive feedback as you work through your drafts. We then help you edit your essay for word count and grammar & mechanics. The end result is a polished essay ready for submission.

Or if you already have an idea or most of your essay written …

Our instructor spends time carefully reviewing and evaluating your essay. You can choose to do this with the instructor or have the instructor do it before an meeting. Then your instructor spends time working with you to improve your essay, and depending on where you are in your writing process, he/she will help you edit it for word count and grammar & mechanics.

Please note: Our college essay writing coaches are professional writers or teachers experienced in teaching you how to write a standout personal essay. We never write the essay or change your words; instead we make suggestions to help bring out the best in your writing. We also help you edit your essay to keep it within the word limit and for grammar & mechanics. We do not guarantee admission into any college.

Our Philosophy

There is an inordinate amount of information out there on writing the college essay. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

At Project Write Now, we keep it simple: we help you find the story in your life that no one else can tell and then we help you craft your essay using narrative techniques, such as character, voice, description, setting & structure.


Today, there are so many theories on what colleges are looking for in an essay submission. How formal should it be? What type of story should be told? How can one capture the attention of the admission’s committee among thousands of other applicants? The competition is fierce, and the essay is often the tipping point or deciding factor.

So when my daughter became overwhelmed by the thought of writing an essay for her college applications, we turned to Jen for expert guidance on how to approach the subject.

Jen helped my daughter brainstorm subject ideas and choose the best topic she could write about, and provided feedback with every draft that brought out the best in my daughter’s writing. Instead of feeling worried about the unknown when my daughter applied to universities, she knew she had given her best. It helped her feel more confident about a positive outcome during such a stressful waiting period.

Several months later, my daughter is proud to have been accepted at several of her top picks, and the university she has decided to go to specifically mentioned the strength of her essay in her acceptance letter. She is thrilled. We can’t thank Jen enough for her guidance!
 — Jackie, Rumson

My daughter received a letter of acceptance to her number-one college choice yesterday—with a merit scholarship! At the bottom of the letter was a handwritten note that read, “Nice essay, [NAME] sounds like an amazing young man.” Thank you, Jennifer Chauhan, for coaching her through the college essay process and helping her choose what proved to be a very worthwhile topic! 
—Diane, Little Silver

I would like to thank Jen for helping my daughter Shannon with her college essays . Jen inspired Shannon to dig deep in order to make her true voice come through. She did it in a warm and encouraging way and had amazing attention to detail when it came to proofing. I would highly recommend Jen as a writing mentor and would love my daughter to continue to work with her on just being a better writer. She’s THAT special!! Thank you, Jen!! —Linda, Rumson

I just wanted to write a heartfelt thank you for all of your help with my daughter’s college essay! Writing is not my daughter’s forte, and not being one of those parents who hover over or actually do the work for their children, I knew we had to seek professional guidance because of the importance of this work in the college process.

And you were highly recommended. And I am glad that I followed that recommendation! My daughter so enjoyed your love of what you do and you definitely fostered that in her. The essay seemed to flow—an ease that she has not experienced before.

And the result … well, she has gotten into her three top schools, and although the essay is just a piece of the puzzle, it is an important one, and one I feel they should be proud of!

She definitely is, and we all thank you for that. —Connie, Rumson

Jen worked with my son to crystallize his thoughts and to edit his college application essays. My son is a techy kid and English/writing is not his strong suit. I felt that she really helped him focus his ideas and helped relieve some of the parent-child stress. I feel that Jen helped bring out the best in my son’s writing —L.W., Holmdel

I wanted to let you know that I got into all the colleges I applied to except for [NAME] (I was waitlisted). I would have never been able to accomplish this without you, and I am so thankful to have had your help. I have decided to attend [NAME], and I will be studying my first year abroad in Valencia, Spain! I just wanted to update you and thank you again! I see your cards all over town and always recommend your services! –Rachel, Shrewsbury