Teacher Feature: Leah Mermelstein



As summer camps approach, we’ve decided to highlight one of our fabulous instructors each week, giving you a glimpse into who they are and why they LOVE teaching writing. The third is Leah Mermelstein, who teaches Imagination Blast Off & Storybook Studio.

1. What are you most excited about going forward with teaching at Project Write Now?

I’m so excited to show kids how much fun writing can be. Writing is so much more than putting pencil to paper. Whenever I teach writing to kids, ultimately they are the decision makers. They get to choose their topics, genres, and audiences. They get to decide what types of paper to use and how to illustrate their words so their ideas come to life. I’m there to facilitate this journey and to support them in any way I can. My greatest hope is that they will leave my summer camp filled with new writing projects they want to continue working on.

2. What do you mostly like to write about?

I write mostly about teaching and my daughter. I blog at www.leahmermelstein.com. In my most recent blog, I talk about what I learned while watching my daughter graduate from PK 4 and participate in her ‘Gymnastics Olympics.’ I am also writing a book about the importance of writerly conversations. I can’t wait to put what I am learning while writing this book into action. During our week of camp, we will have lots of writerly conversations during which campers will be able to clarify ideas and hear multiple perspectives.

3. What book world would you want to live in?

I think I would choose to live in the book, “Charlotte’s Web.” I love to imagine a world where kindness and empathy are at the forefront. I love the bittersweet ending when Wilbur is caring for Charlotte’s baby spiders after she has passed on. It was Wilbur’s privilege and responsibility to do this as he understood the impact that Charlotte had on his own life. I parent and teach with these ideas in mind and hope that in some small way I am creating this kind of reality across the world.
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Leah Mermelstein is a Writing Instructor for Project Write Now.