TEACHER FEATURE: Lisa Hartsgrove


As summer camps approach, we’ve decided to highlight one of our fabulous instructors each week, giving you a glimpse into who they are and why they LOVE teaching writing. The first is Lisa Hartsgrove, who runs the Teen Internship Programs and also teaches Ink It Up, Girls Write Now, Poetry Undercover, and Short Shorts.

1. What does writing mean to you?

Some people run. Some people dance. Some people paint, sing, swim. Writing to me is like that. Writing is my running, my dancing. It’s my practice and my passion. Writing, for me, is an act of discovery, an adventure, how I have come to know myself and the world around me, and how I continue to do so.

2. What’s one of your favorite memories from summer camps at PWN?

Oh, what a hard question! I have so many great memories! One that jumps to my mind right away is the collaborative aspect of Ink It Up. From working together each year to create a sketchbook that gets housed in The Brooklyn Art Library to painting and decorating our own studio bookshelf, I love seeing how art and writing can bring my students together to forge meaningful friendships and create awesome new ways to showcase their many talents.

3. As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

Anyone who knows me knows that my answer is always going to be some kind of cat. For this question, I’m going to say my animal is a lion, because she is fierce when she needs to be, but also soft. Because she is wild, but also part of a pack. And that is how I feel as a writer.

Be sure to check out our camp list and register at www.projectwritenow.org/summer-camps.

Lisa Hartsgrove is the Program Coordinator & Writing Instructor for Project Write Now.