Teacher Feature: Sami Strauss


As summer camps are in session, we’ve decided to highlight one of our fabulous instructors each week, giving you a glimpse into who they are and why they LOVE teaching writing. The sixth is Sami Strauss, who teaches Animal Tales.

1. What do you most love about writing?

What I love about writing is that it consistently leaves me in awe. I’m in awe of my students at what they accomplish, no matter the age, no matter the student. I am honestly in awe of myself when I actually finish a writing task that felt so enormous I thought I would never complete it. Mostly, I am in awe of my favorite authors of novels because their work is so incredible to me it feels almost magical that it can be done!

2. What’s different about teaching at Project Write Now?

Teaching at Project Write Now is always surprising. I am put in a room with a mix of students who come from different schools, different towns, or even different grades within the same school. Everyone starts off feeling a little shy or uncomfortable, but by the end of the camp they are fast friends, congratulating each other on triumphs, empathizing with struggles, and sharing so much of who they are. That is the beauty of Project Write Now and writing–it can bring anyone together!

3. What is your favorite animal, and why?

My favorite animal is a penguin, and there is an interesting story why. When I was in 1st grade, I “chose” a giraffe as my favorite animal because everyone had one, and I needed to get on board. My family and I went to the Bronx Zoo one weekend, and since giraffes were apparently my jam, I needed to get a figurine from the gift shop. Much to my dismay, the gift shop was sold out of giraffes. They did, however, have a cute little penguin. Not wanting to go home empty handed, I decided on the penguin as my souvenir. In my seven-year-old mind, this meant that penguins had to be my new favorite animal, and they were from that day forward. (I now have a collection of over 50 penguins!)

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Sami Strauss is a Writing Instructor for Project Write Now.