The “I Love” Epic Poem


Photo Credit: Christine Enna

This poem is the culmination of The Red Envelope Project, a community project about spreading love and gratitude as far and wide as it can go. During the month of February, Project Write Now team members handed red envelopes all over Red Bank, N.J., with a piece of paper inside, prompting receivers to add their line of “I love ____” and pass it on. Envelopes poured in for weeks, some coming from as far away as Texas. PWN team members wove those lines into this epic poem, which was read by all who attended our event at Glen Goldbaum’s Lambs & Wolves on March 2.

I love kisses and hugs.
I love spending time with my friends, both near and far.
I love the smell of garlic and olive oil cooking.
I love sleeping in my bed.
I love promises of tomorrow.
I love my new puppy, Eli.
I love growing acorns into trees.
I love my mom and dad.
I love art and photography.
I love pink frosting on cupcakes.
I love watching TV with my husband.
I love to be hugged and kept warm.
I love seeing my students smile.
I love eating ice cream with my brother.
I love where I live.
I love my family, teaching, and going outside.
I love mac and cheese and surprises.
I love playing with my sweet and happy dog, Socks.
I love going on vacation with my whole family.
I love jumping into cool water on hot days.
I love grilled cheese sandwiches.
I love creating beauty in the world.
I love my daughter’s laugh.
I love spicy tuna rolls.
I love music and dancing alone.
I love making my patients happy.
I love vegan food.
I love being okay with myself.
I love showering.
I love doing science projects with my kids.
I love my cat, Kittles.
I love tacos that stay together when you bite them.
I love David Bowie.
I love the way my wife looks in the morning.
I love my mother’s laugh; she’s my heart.
I love playing air guitar and dancing around to classic rock.
I love creating music, creating smiles, and listening to Lady Gaga.
I love promoting local music and art.
I love the seven layer burrito, with guac, from Taco Bell.
I love laughing until I cry.
I love writing and science.
I love taking long nature walks by the river.
I love multiplayer video games.
I love my home.
I love dinosaurs, snakes, and pokemon.
I love my school rabbit, Luna.
I love building things with legos.
I love a crisp, frozen lake in white, snowy mountains.
I love Harry Potter.
I love the sound of a soccer ball when it is kicked.
I love alpacas.
I love lazy Sunday mornings.
I love romping in the rough waves of the ocean.
I love strong, kind people who don’t allow fear to blur their thinking.
I love reading a good book.
I love sharing great conversations and good food with nice people.
I love pina coladas.
I love the feeling of the air on my face when I’m out riding my bike.
I love to be in my garden, tending to my flowers.
I love the color of my skin.
I love sitting by my fireplace on a cold winter night.
I love walking my dog with my daughter.
I love my morals.
I love to lay on the beach and bury my feet in the warm sand.
I love the spiritual journey I’m on.
I love to make cookies from scratch without measuring.
I love my endless curiosity.
I love the functioning body that I’m lucky to have.
I love the work I do.
I love observing nature–sunsets, the moon, the patterns of birds, uniformity in the trees.
I love my unruly, curly hair.
I love being able to grow, and regrow.
I love the feeling of achievement and accomplishment.
I love bonding with my sister.
I love the smell of churros at Cosco.
I love embarrassing myself when 80s music comes on.
I love my hands.
I love my ability to persevere.
I love fishing with my grandfather.
I love the air, the fire, the water, the earth, nature and spirit.
I love my positivity.
I love the way the moon shines on the water and casts shadows when she’s full.
I love water in all forms–salt, fresh, snow.
I love how important it is to live.
I love hearing the first springtime birds.
I love when raindrops fall through the trees.
I love sitting in a quiet place with nothing but the sound of my cat purring in my lap.
I love waking up to fresh snow.
I love being completely absorbed in a fictional world.
I love the hazel-gold color of my eyes.
I love the feeling of music throughout my entire being.
I love when things are simple and calm.
I love the taste of popcorn.
I love the cute little pads of cats’ paws.
I love the smell of fresh paint.
I love the performances my students create.
I love beer and the people who make it.
I love watching dusk paint the Navesink in pastels at sunset.
I love red skies at sunrise.
I love when it feels like everyone is happy.
I love getting up early to swim.
I love listening to the sounds of the waves rolling in and out.
I love decorating my house for the holidays.
I love how open I can be to all people of all backgrounds.
I love that I am not afraid to try new things.
I love writing with different colored pens.
I love eating Doritos with onion dip.
I love that I can be impulsive.
I love that after all these years, I still love potatoes.
I love the weight of my sleeping dog in my lap.
I love Persian carpets.
I love when my children say they love me.
I love when my dad tells me he’s proud of me.
I love the power your words have over me.
I love watching Law & Order on Friday nights.
I love celebrating birthdays.
I love empowering my students with their own words.
I love traveling to new places.
I love walking into my house when it smells like cleaning agents.
I love watching puppies grow.
I love fresh cut lemons and the spray of citrus in the air.
I love surfing the ocean waves.
I love scoring a goal when I play soccer.
I love my writing group and the power it has made me feel.
I love how my wife can figure out how to do almost anything.
I love talking politely with people who disagree with me.
I love thinking about the woman with bright blue eyes who must be happier now.
I love the sounds you make.
I love persistent women.
I love the tender, sweet smell of burgers fresh off the grill.
I love the way the pencil drags when I draw.
I love seeing my twins hug and smile and laugh together.
I love the excitement of extra innings during Yankee games.
I love when my mom tells jokes and only she laughs.
I love sitting at the bottom of a pool, losing all my senses.
I love the smell of books.
I love reading on the beach at 6am with coffee, seagulls, and a couple of fishermen.
I love the warmth of creamy hot chocolate on a wintery day.
I love when you tell me you still love me with all the space between us.
I love Spanish food and wine.
I love sending my fiance late-night love texts to say I love you.
I love climbing trees and seeing the familiar from above.
I love going to football games with my son.
I love that my children still smell good.
I love everything about bagels.
I love the sounds of yesterday.
I love playing board games with my best friends.
I love a good pancake.
I love listening to the rain on the roof as I lie in bed.
I love the way you look at me.
I love Friday night dinners.
I love Disney World.
I love my fiance and our life together.
I love slam poetry.
I love writing poetry that expresses my soul.
I love sunflowers that stretch taller than me.
I love playing the drums and feeling the beat radiate through my skin.
I love sharing my own secrets.
I love the photos on the fridge.
I love the people who have continued to believe in me through all my highs and lows.
I love respecting others who deserve it.
I love the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.
I love getting my eyebrows waxed.
I love the way geese honk at you when you feed them leftovers when your mother isn’t looking.
I love getting zippers unstuck.
I love it when my sister steals my glasses, even though I yell at her.
I love the crunch of fallen leaves when you step on them.
I love fairies and mermaids and monsters.
I love the way the sunset sleeps on Saturdays.
I love how stars blink at night.
I love sleeping so long I almost forget my own name.
I love watching fish swim in circles.
I love pizza, hot and fresh and steamy.
I love salty potato chips.
I love the look of wonder on my grandson’s face when he discovers something new.
I love learning about astronomy.
I love doing fractions in math class.
I love campfires.
I love when people give me nicknames.
I love learning new words.
I love when my hair is wet after a long swim.
I love color and diversity.
I love everything just how it is.
I love how languages can bend thoughts into comprehension.
I love how we’re all connected, like a spiderweb.
I love being a part of something bigger.
I love how I love.