Week 4

Join Our Campaign and Change a Person’s Life


We are pleased to announce the launch of our five-week annual appeal to raise funds to support our community programs.

Week 4: This week’s spotlight is on our college essay outreach.

We’re just finishing our fourth year of donor-supported college essay coaching, helping 25 students at local high schools–including Red Bank and Long Branch–through the daunting process of selecting the right topic, working through drafts, and editing and polishing for submission.

Many of our students face severe challenges–some are navigating the state system or continuously move in and out of family and non-family members’ homes. Many have little guidance and crave an adult to help them through this process.

Often, their first drafts end up being a place for them to vent or dump everything that happened to them. Through our coaching, we help them see the person they’ve become. Their subsequent drafts become articulate, thoughtful essays highlighting their strengths, talents, and values.

As we connect with these students, many experience a life-changing transformation. Some want to continue with us as interns or take classes through our scholarship program.

Nathalia first came to us with an essay that was beautifully crafted but not exactly a college essay. Through one-on-one coaching, Nathalia revealed she loved to write and was thinking about becoming a teacher.

We invited her to intern with us, and Nathalia began mentoring middle school students in our after-school program. Since then, she has forged meaningful friendships with her PWN peers, shared her art and writing in our Teen Writing Group, and even published her work in our online literary magazine, Bridge Ink. She has also volunteered at our events, including our writing retreat for teachers and our annual fundraising event.

Nathalia credits PWN with raising her expectations of herself and striving for more.

Recently, we asked our younger students to write a thank you letter to someone who has had a positive impact on them. Guess who one student chose?


Without you, we couldn’t do this important work!

Please consider donating to support our college essay outreach that not only helps our teens write authentic, standout essays but also gives them a supportive environment to reflect on their experiences and discover their voice and talents.

Your donation will fund instructors, notebooks, and pens.


You may also mail a check to:
Project Write Now
25 Bridge Ave., Suite 130
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Please contact us with any questions:
(908) 675-0467