DIY Writers Retreat

by Elizabeth Jannuzzi
I am currently enrolled in book inc’s Memoir Incubator program. When I looked at the calendar and realized the deadline for my first full manuscript was fast approaching (less than two months away, gulp!), I decided to attend a Writers Retreat to give myself some time to polish my memoir manuscript.

Personal Essay Q&A with Kate Devine

PWN welcomes Kate Devine to our instructor family. Kate Devine is a writer and teacher whose work has been featured in New York Magazine’s The Cut, Entropy, and other literary magazines. For this summer session, Kate is teaching Personal Essay: Lyric & Alternative Forms. We asked Kate a few questions to get to know her better and to learn more about this new essay form.

Captivated by Summer Reads

Ah, summer! The season known as a time to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and possibly take a vacation. It is also known as the season to read … a lot! We asked our team members to let us know what they are reading this summer, whether it be at the beach, the lake, or on their own back decks. Here are their answers:

Getting Still

In Spring 2021 I was going through a bad break up. I’d fallen in love with journalism in college and, after many happy decades together, we faced a turning point.
We’d had a great run through the New York magazine scene in the 80s, 90s and early oughts. An array of trips, concerts, and glamorous parties took my mind off of how little publishing actually paid. But as the perks began to disappear—along with print publications—journalism and I stood on the brink of divorce.

Just Write Q&A

For our summer session, Eileen Whitener is once again teaching one of PWN’s generative writing classes, Just Write. Aimed at the shy or new writer (and with the help of guided writing prompts), this class offers a supportive environment to invite you into the storytelling mindset. We “sat down” with Eileen to talk about how to coax out the hidden writer …

Memoir Q&A

In our upcoming summer session, one of PWN’s newest instructors, Marissa Elliott, is teaching Memoir, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. ET, for six weeks on Wednesdays, starting July 13. We “sat down” with Marissa to find out her experiences with the genre.

Flash Fiction & Memoir

Flash Q&A

PWN instructor and PWN’s Debut Review podcast co-host Courtney Harler is once again teaching Flash Fiction & Memoir. We sat down with Courtney and asked her a few questions about this exciting genre.

Captivated by Music

Music. Some writers love to write to it, to have inspirational tunes playing while they pound their keyboards (computer keyboards, that is). Some writers cannot listen to music while they write, they love it so much it’s too distracting. Some writers get inspired by music, they admire the thoughtful poetic lyrics. And some writers create playlists for their books, songs that represent a scene from their novel or a feeling from their memoir.