Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Writing

It’s that time of year again. Something about the change of season combined with warmer weather motivates us to purge our closets and deep clean our bathrooms. You know what else could use some sprucing up? Your writing. 

If you’ve got a piece that just needs a little polishing, we’ve put together the write checklist to help you “spring clean” your work …

Captivated by Poems

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we asked our team members to reveal their favorite poems, the lines that entrance them, the images that woo them. See what they said below! A special thanks to poets.org for making our favorite poems so readily available.

On Walking & Writing

by Elizabeth Jannuzzi
I’m a WALKER. I used to be a runner, in my twenties and thirties. I’m also a hiker. But first and foremost and hopefully for the rest of my life, I identify as a walker. 

I’m also a WRITER. This is difficult for me to say out loud, to proclaim it as my identity. But I’m trying.