Captivated by Holiday Food Memories

Pies, mashed potatoes, and of course, turkey. Not only is holiday fare delicious, these annual culinary traditions often spark nostalgic memories for us writers, giving us fodder for our writing. To get a taste (see what we did there?) of these food-related memories, we asked our memoir students: “What’s your favorite holiday food and what memory does it invoke for you?”

Beach Reads: They’re Not Just for Summer

by Jennifer Gaites
This summer, several 10,000 words into the manuscript I’m writing in book inc’s Memoir Incubator, I needed a break from the mentor texts I’d been reading. As the days grew longer, I sheepishly eschewed memoirs and books on craft. Instead, I made a quiet–almost self-conscious–commitment to myself to keep my literary consumption to [ahem] lighter fare.

Is My Hair On Fire? How to Find Writable Moments

by Elizabeth Jannuzzi
“I don’t know if I became a writer because I notice writable moments. Or because I notice writable moments, I write.”
‘Hair’s On Fire’ Is an Idiom, I Looked it Up
The other day my hair caught on fire. I don’t mean that as an idiom. (And yes, I googled “what type of expression is ‘my hair is on fire’” to learn that it is an idiom.) I mean literally, my hair burst into flames.


Captivated by Books On the Craft of Writing

We are celebrating National Book Month with book inc, Project Write Now’s book-writing community. And what better way to celebrate books than to ask book writers what is their favorite book ABOUT writing? We surveyed our book inc team members, including this year’s and next year’s Peer Artist Leaders. Here are their responses:

Friend of Fear

by Lisa Hartsgrove
I come from a family of ghouls. Pranks are our love language. Before I was even 10 years old, I knew who Norman Bates was. I knew to head towards the light. I knew all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I grew up with fear as a close friend and so I embraced it at every corner—never missing a hayride, a haunted walk-through, a Halloween event, my mom climbing a ladder to my room to blow an air horn in my window in the middle of the night …

Captivated by School Supplies

With the change from summer to fall, some people get excited for sweater weather and pumpkin-spiced lattes; we at Project Write Now get psyched for … SCHOOL SUPPLIES! That’s right. Pens, notepads, whiteboards, highlighters, Post-it notes! We might have a problem. But there is just something so energizing about a fresh set of pens and a glue stick that sets our hearts a flutter. We asked our team members to talk about their favorite school supplies. Here are their answers …

Captivated by Memoirs

Memoir is a popular genre here at PWN’s Writers Institute. On our Fall Session I schedule, we have three memoir classes, one flash class, and one personal essay class. And we also have the yearlong book inc program that will start up again in January 2023. It’s obvious we love true stories. With that in mind, we asked some of our instructors and our writers to tell us what memoirs have inspired them.

DIY Writers Retreat

by Elizabeth Jannuzzi
I am currently enrolled in book inc’s Memoir Incubator program. When I looked at the calendar and realized the deadline for my first full manuscript was fast approaching (less than two months away, gulp!), I decided to attend a Writers Retreat to give myself some time to polish my memoir manuscript.